Sunday, November 2, 2008

Railo CFML Web Server - CFMail Gmail Set-up

Much thanks to Gary Gilbert over at

I was able to get my railo CFML home development server using my gmail account to send mail.
The only tricky part was that I was getting errors at first:

        "ERROR","web-0","11/02/2008","00:47","mail spooler","530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. 6sm5231801ywi.1"

The solution is to put useTLS="true" right into the cfmail tag because it won't work in the railo-web.xml.cfm file.

        <cfmail to="" from="" subject="Railo Mailserver Test 2" useTLS="true">
                This is a test mail sent from railo.

But I'm rollin' now! Thanks!