Saturday, October 17, 2009


In my recent hiatus quite a lot has happened in life. None of which I am willing to post on the internet. Ha ha.

But I will write to announce I upgraded from Leopard to Snow. That was fun.

To all you CyberDuckies out there, you probably had a similar experience to mine. Opening files from a sub-folder no longer opened in my TextMate Project - it opened in a separate window. Upong further investigation, it appears the new beta CyberDuck no longer has true subfolders/subdirectories down in it's secret hiding place: '/private/var/folders/XX/MUMBOJUMBO-03xyz++whatever/-Tmp-/' directory. It's actually one folder with colons (:) in stead of slashes (/). Example: lets say my project was named 'widget1' and I had a subfolder for 'addons' it would actually appear as '.../-Tmp-/widget1:addons'.  This sure changed a lot for TextMate because now '.../-Tmp-/widget1:addons' is a separate folder than '.../-Tmp-/widget1:addons:images' - no more subfolders is bad news.

One up side to the new beta version of CyberDuck is that TextMate with the Projects Bundle installed can now open all CyberDuck files in the same tabbed window without opening separate windows or separate projects.

This can be done by editing the TextMate project file in TextEdit, find the line:


Now, remove the some/more/folders so that it appears as:


Now, all CyberDuck downloads will open in the same tabbed project window.

I used to like then in separate project windows, but it just got annoying on those rare cases. I just want to open files in a tabbed window and edit them.

Now I can.

Ps.  This might have been available before. I just never tried it.